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Interest areas

Some topics that interest me most:

Perl (rarely used for CGI) - There's more than one way to do it!
Perl is really a great programming language. I'm happy to be a Perl6 user soon! :-) Well, I'm programing everything I need in Perl.
Well, VB isn't really a hobbyhorse of mine (guess why), but I'll keep it here for nostalgic reasons...: I started programing in 1995 - with VB3. My first program was an encryption tool 'Enigma' with some simple enciphering methods like 'Caesar'.
The Net
It's a pity that I've discovered the Internets services only on 15th of June 1997. But only a half month later, my first page (not personal) went online... ;-)
Since I've bought a Sony DSC-F707, I've taken several thousands photos... :)
Personal genealogy
There are 636 relatives indexed in my genealogical database. Many thanks to my father and a few other sedulous people which have spent a lot of time in these researches!
Open Directory Project (dmoz)
My favourite web directory that I can improve and work by myself.
As former editor beat I was responsible for some few German categories: W/D/Computer/Programmieren (in special Perl/CGI, JavaScript and VisualBasic), W/D/Computer/Datenformate and W/D/R/E/CH/Zürich/Gemeinden/Meilen. Unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore to work for it.

Most important stations in my life


If you long for writing me, please send an email to < beat at stradax dot net >. I hope your mail finds the way through my junk filters to my inbox... ;-) For brilliant visitors who work with PGP I've made available my public key. Please make use of it!